Turbul Friulano 2019

Modern natural wine of extended fermentation on skins, then into barrel and amphora to mature. Sleek & creamy, succulent, the natural phenolic and acid roll in the mouth together with the smells and taste of almonds, honey, cardamom, parsley root, lemon rind.

LOOKS LIKE... Dark gold, slight pearl sheen, slow moving heavy liquid
SMELLS LIKE... Diaphanous aromas of angelica blossom, honey, parsley root and lemon rind
DRINK WITH... Raw fish, any creamy pasta from crema di asparagi to a carbonara
CELLAR UNTIL... Ages for 5 - 10 years


Hand selected in the field on 9th and 10th April, the Friulano was de-stemmed and fermented as cool whole berries. The fermentation took place in anfora and a stainless steel vat. Refrigeration was used to cool the wild yeast fermentation; a malolactic fermentation followed. Turbul remained on skins until August 13th when the skins were separated from the juice, and only the free run remained, rich in acid and phenolic. The wine was sulphured and returned to barrels to continue maturation, still on some yeast and grape lees. Topping was every fortnight to ensure the wine developed a creamy sleek palate. The wine was bottled in August 2019 with a cork closure to assist in the persistent gentle oxidation of this phenolic rich wine.


A modern natural wine celebrating extended maceration on skins before oxidative ageing in barrel and amphora. Engaging, diaphanous aromas of angelica blossom, honey, parsley root, lemon rind with a peppery spice entice on the nose. On the palate, the textural thrill of Turbul becomes apparent. Sleek, creamy, and beautifully poised, the richness from extended skin contact balanced with Friulano’s fine acidity, achieved by strict crop levels to assure acid rich grapes with thick burnished skins. Try with antipasti, raw fish, or creamy pasta to reap full benefit.


Our Friulano cuttings came from the vineyard of Denis Pasut in Mildura. His planting material was the original Allan Antcliff collection at Merebin which famously was removed for a parking lot. Denis knew the variety from his Slovenia homeland and planted a few rows. At the time of us meeting Denis, we knew of no other Friulano, and interestingly new clones are yet to be imported into Australia. Kevin Mc learnt about Friulano from his travels and vintages in Friuli and the reverence local winemakers attend this variety. Friulano produces a big bunch of big berries with a thick, waxy skin. This attribute requires strategic bud selection, shoot selection in Spring and Summer as well as careful fruit selection of wholesome berries and bunches at harvest. Friulano ripens late in Autumn, and as the leaves fall away, the fruit is entirely exposed to the cool sunshine. The bunches, ever so slightly, dehydrate, becoming lighter and looser as they hang, darkening to a copper gold, becoming perfect for skin contact wine.


Turbul is Friuli dialect for cloudy, a name suggested by a young Friuli winemaker working with Tom McCarthy at Quealy for the first vintage in 2011. These wines are naturally phenolic thus require no protein stability (bentonite) and of course, there is a desire to leave a watermark of this natural process of clarification and stability, the cloudy sheen.

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