Seventeen Rows Pinot Noir 2018


The inaugural Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir vineyard, established 1982 on our winery property. We have persisted with the wide spacing, zero irrigation, and organic farming regime to contribute to this unique Pinot proposition.

Kevin McCarthy describes Seventeen Rows as ‘Pinot Noir goes to Barolo.’

LOOKS LIKE... Medium crimson with a sediment; requires decanting
SMELLS LIKE... Crushed purple spice
DRINK WITH... Roast duck with thyme and redcurrant sauce
CELLAR UNTIL... 2020-2029


2018 Vintage was long and cool. We harvested in two tranches – the 1st and 6th March. A maceration time of 21-28 days.  Carefully, totally destemmed, mindful of keeping the integrity of each berry; all transfer of must was with gravity.  Fermentation in 1 ton pots and then later compiled as one so that the musts could safely be macerated with all the benefits of finality with both yeast and malolactic bacteria fermentation, and the rich cool ocean of opportunity when skins and wine spend the right time together. The skins settled to the bottom and then the wine was racked off. The skins were then drained of their small portion of free run wine. The wine was then settled and racked to 33% new wood; as 300L barriques. The wine was left undisturbed except for regular topping and tasting until the following April when it was racked off lees in preparation for bottling in May 2019.


Seventeen Rows of MV6 Clone of Pinot Noir, each row wide enough for the old orchard tractor, 3.2 – 3.5 metres and each row 200 metres long. The wide planting bathes the vines in sunshine, the organic viticulture program involves caring for the soil so that the root mass is larger than the canopy. The result is healthy vines, that can withstand the duress of summer, function efficiently throughout the season accumulating flavour and tannin in the grapes without much stress. The vines were planted in 1982 and currently we are renewing some trunks that have suffered from tractor implement knocks when we transitioned to organic. The trellis is rudimentary however adequate for these widely spaced small vines.

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