Pobblebonk 2020

Quealy Winemakers premiered with this field blend; the inspiration was Jermann Vintage Tunina whom Kat & Kevin revisited in 2006 after Kev’s pilgrimage there in 1995 . The frogs on the label celebrated our decision to nurture & regenerate our farm’s environment. Quealy’s winery vineyard is now certified organic.

LOOKS LIKE... Fine pale gold with a green rim
SMELLS LIKE... An elusive mixture of spice, floral and fruit
DRINK WITH... With grilled meats and root vegetables
CELLAR UNTIL... Ages well for a five year window, thus 2024


Pobblebonk is our original field blend. Usually we pick as one or so batches but in 2019 we chose to wait for each variety to fully ripen. The end result we think is a complex elegant wine, with floral aromatics, generosity and a myriad of flavour notes to enthral a wine lover.

We picked a small ton of Chardonnay on 28th Feb 2019 to begin a wild ferment with bright acid juice. The Pinot Grigio was picked 8th March and added to the blend, then into barrels for a few weeks to heighten the fermentation output. Friulano was picked and pressed on 28th March and added to the ferment. We picked the Riesling April 5th, appreciative of Riesling’s intense aroma and acid at the great ripeness of 13.4 baume at upon pressing and racking assembled the blend into a tank.

Now the fancy footwork in the winery began because all these changes to the blend affected the kinetics of the fermentation. Gruntled yeast suddenly reversed their mood with the sudden changes to their wine blend. They stopped consuming and breeding and started dying! We moved, regularly stirred and warmed young Pobblebonk. The wine fermented slowly for many months. We could taste the effect of the secondary fermentation of malic to lactic acid softening the wine as the yeast eventually consumed the grape sugars. Pobblebonk was sulphured in July, settled well, filtered with the trusty plate and frame, into bottle by end of August.

There is no Moscato Giallo or Malvasia in the 2019 blend, as that portion of the vineyard is young and had not received Organic Certification.


The beauty of Pobblebonk is the chorus of this vineyard quintet – the pink fruits of Pinot Grigio, the sullen strength of skin-contact Friulano contrasting with the tingling acidity and opulent aromatics of Moscato and Riesling. Co-fermentation of Pinot Grigio and Friulano begins as a brooding, reductive moody wine ignited with the blending of classic aromatic varieties; Moscato Giallo and Riesling. The palate is a colourful tapestry of whole citrus fruits, jasmine tea, and orange blossom with a nutty background.


The winery vineyard is located at 50 metres elevation with a gentle slope to the North. We purchased the vineyard in 2003 with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling. We planted Pinot Grigio, Friulano, Moscato Giallo and Malvasia Istriana as we were confident of their success in our region. Our vineyard manager is Lucas Blanck who has experience with organic Alsacienne Muscat (Moscato), Riesling & Pinot Gris (Grigio). Our vineyard is managed organically, using only sulphur and copper as fungicides and cover crops, composts, manure and seaweed extracts to feed the soil. The aromatic varieties are difficult to grow because they are prone to poor nutrition that then enters into the winemaking cycle. Lucas has overcome many of their insufficiencies with his fertilizer and plough regime.


Pobblebonk and Rageous, the frog & the mule, arrived in tandem for our first vintage of Quealy Winemakers. Both embody the innovative and natural approach to growing different grape varieties, drawn from our winemaking intuition and experiences in Italy. The vineyard comes alive in springtime with the mating chorus bonk, bonk, bonk of Pobblebonk frogs.

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