Mornington Peninsula Pinot Grigio 2021

Mornington Peninsula’s narrow coastal plain circles the volcanic derived Red Hill and Main Ridge. The soils, rainfall and vine canopies are lighter, suiting the Pinot Grigio style. Delightful sun-drenched hay and crunchy pear aroma, discreet acidity and ripe stone fruit mouthfeel confirm the pedigree of the region. A blend across local vineyards creates a broader nose and a soft fuller palate.

LOOKS LIKE... Golden plains
SMELLS LIKE... Crunchy pear and ocean shells
DRINK WITH... Char grilled prawns
CELLAR UNTIL... up to 3 years


The grapes arrive at the winery within in one hour of being picked. The vineyards are three kilometres away from the winery. The grapes are tipped into a tank press and whole bunch pressed. The yield per tonne is quite low, because only the most delicate portion of the press cycle is accepted. The juice is never sulphured rather is left to settle overnight. In the morning the tank is racked off its gross lees and is then left to begin its own natural ferment. After primary fermentation the wine continued to ferment its malic acid. There is still approximately 1.5 grams per litre of Malic acid. The wine was bottled at the end of June.



Crunchy pear aroma, plush mouthfeel with discreet acidity and ripe stone fruit mouthfeel.



Quealy reach out to growers to compile this regional blend. The vineyard sites are chosen to suit the style; moderate yields, lighter soils.

The grapes are from the two Balnarring vineyards, they are the Hester vineyard and the Campbell and Christine vineyard. Both vineyards were handpicked on the first of March 2021.Both vineyards have been managed by Quealy Winemakers since 2003.

These vineyards are both managed organically although they are not certified.


2021 was a classic year, yields were moderate.

They were two to three tonnes per acre. When the grapes were picked, they were a deep purple colour. We were concerned about disease and so some leave plucking was performed in December.


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