Friulano 2019

Our Friulano is grown on our certified organic vineyard. We prise the gentle spice and volume from the sunkissed grapes with a few hours cool maceration. Friulano is quite different to many white grape varieties, because the wine has both an intellectual structure simultaneously with a thick, creamy, some say Crème Pâtissière, mouthfeel and flavour. Quite an extraordinary sensation.

LOOKS LIKE... Pale yellow gold
SMELLS LIKE... Subtle scent of wildflower, almond, with the Mornington Peninsula signature honeysuckle
DRINK WITH... Typically accompanies thinly sliced ham, hard white cheese, and a handful of nuts. Serve chilled with raw seafood and vegetables.
CELLAR UNTIL... ages well for five years plus


Grapes were handpicked on 29th March with a starting Baume of 13.3 and 3.33 Ph. The grapes were macerated for a short cool period with their stalks and then pressed with really only the free run taken. The wine was left for many days to settle and then racked to begin ferment with a cultured organic yeast. The ferment was assisted with a mid term racking which left much of the dead yeast lees behind and encourages the floral aroma. Time, gentle movements, and the inherint phenolic that began with that maceration on skins, clarifies Friulano without filtration. Bottled first week in Spring 2019


Quealy Winemakers established their Friulano vineyard by grafting onto one of their Chardonnay blocks in 2003. Friulano behaviour is late, moderate vigour, with a tendency to overcrop. The advantage to heavy crops is the vines are primed to exhaust their energies on flavour and ripeness. We remove all but the first inflourescence on the shoots we select in spring so the vine has its strong drive to ripen it’s grapes but the total yield is more than halved, concentrating the flavour and quality at harvest. We encourage the sun to burnish Friulano grape skins as it’s a definite quality factor. Achieved by sensitive canopy management and late harvest.


Quealy Winemakers were first in Australia to make Friulano. Our planting stock was via a private vineyard in Mildura who had taken cutting from the CSIRO Antcliffe collection in the early 70’s

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