EAST Moscato Rosa 2019 – sold out

Sweet luscious Moscato Rosa with the heady aroma of turkish delight. The sweetness balanced with natural tannin. Adult wine candy as an aperitif or have with supper.

LOOKS LIKE... Delicate cherry red
SMELLS LIKE... Lychee and turkish delight
DRINK WITH... On the verandah with antipasto or supper with strawberries & cream.


East is a luscious late harvest moscato grown at our Musk Creek Vineyard. The grapes are left to dehydrate and dimple on the vine in the Indian summer we often experience. This Moscato Rosa was picked at 2t/acre with a baumé of 17.15 and select picked so that there was none of the inevitable late season rot. It’s important to select only the finest grapes, without a trace of rot, to ensure the delicious cherry red colour. The titratable acidity was 6.9 giving us balance in the field and reducing pressure on the winemaking.

The grapes were simply whole bunch pressed in a long slow cycle with careful evaluation at the press tray. The yield was only 550 litres per ton because of the shrivelling, heavy seeds and thick skins. More juice was lost after settling when racking the clear juice because muscat or moscato tends to gel rather than settle. The solids phase of the juice makes very ugly wine so we leave it out despite its large volume. The juice was fermented slow and cold to 10% alcohol and then with great difficulty we slowly halted the fermentation with a deep long chill. Because of the tannin, careful preparation of the juice and cold temperatures, the wine clarified beautifully, effortlessly. Bottled at the winery September 1st 2019, capturing the spritz of fermentation.


Moscato Rosa was planted at Musk Creek Vineyard in the mid 90’s. The original planting material is cuttings from Brown Brothers Mystic Park vineyard located within the Murray Valley. The variety is generally grown in Rutherglen and Swan Hill to make their fortified Muscat.

We planted Moscato Rosa in this ultra cool site on the edge of Main Ridge, with the expectation to reap a fine perfume with finer lighter tannin more suitable for the old fashioned table wine called Moscato. We allow the grapes to raisin, in this case we picked two tons on the 17th April 2019. Ultimately the wine is a most beautiful luxurious Moscato that has captured the effervescence of the vintage.


East is named after the exotic perfumed spices of the wine. Its far more complex than a cheerful Moscato.

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