Pinot so eloquently describes the nuance of vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. The landscape of close, intimate valleys and ocean influence create variations in aspect and microclimate that are magnified in the glass.

The breeze across Westernport Bay breathes life into Pinot Grigio. Low-lying 15-25-year-old vineyards on shallow soils strike the balance between ripeness and freshness. A gentle, considered approach in the winery preserves all vineyard vitality. The Quealy name is synonymous with Pinot Grigio in Australia, recognised for poise, finesse and distinction at the dinner table.

Deep, desirable crimson-black facade of fermenting Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are magnificently site fastidious, yet their varietal kinship translates in distinctly different ways. Pinot Gris excels in the maritime climes and elevated vineyards of the Peninsula. Cool grey skies conserve natural acid and afford requisite ripening time to achieve the power and glory.

The Quealy Pinot family

Pinot Noir revels in the rich volcanic soils of Musk Creek and Tussie Mussie vineyards, where wines acquire satin texture with spearmint, rose petal and five spice aroma. The swift descent to 30 – 50m elevation of Campbell & Christine and 17 Rows deepens the profile to dark berry, plum, aniseed and earth.

Pressed pink and purple pearls of Pinot Gris
Napoleonic navy jackets adorn Pinot Noir

The compass of Peninsula Pinot is set by the season. The slippery texture and interplay of light, energetic palate imbued with power and memory is the calling card of the Mornington Peninsula.