Secco Splendido Metodo Ancestrale

25th November 2016

Secco Splendido Metodo Ancestrale’s lengthy title epitomizes our years of crafting an elegant sulphur-free sparkling wine.

We asked Joe Vaughan to pioneer Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains knowing the variety as the most delicate Spumante and Alsacien Crémant.

The Ancestrale method requires fermentation to finish in each bottle, dissolving gas into a fine bead and forming a protective layer of sweet lees.

Secco Splendido Metodo Redmondo is fizz from another vineyard made in a more traditional method. A pink wine of luxurious perfume (Muscat Rouge à Petits Grains) prepared and disgorged without sulphur.

There is always plenty to taste and talk about at our Winery Cellar Door or please seek us out whenever you step out; Send us an email if you think we should be stocked in your favourite haunt or shop where we have been overlooked.

For our UK fanbase, our wines are for sale at D’vine Cellars in London and through our importer Les Caves de Pyrene – Pew Corner, Old Portsmouth Rd, Artington, GU3 1LP.

Legend of the vine

The annual award, presented in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, recognises individuals that have left an indelible mark on not just their wine region or state, but Australian wine as a whole. The roll call of past winners is a veritable who’s who of Aussie wine, littered with names such as Halliday, Brown, Campbell and Hardy.

We’re extremely proud the name Quealy has joined this prestigious list and that Kathleen becomes the first victor without a Y chromosome. (Not quite true, as Kev brings far more than just a Y chromosome to the sorting table. He also makes a mean marmalade…)

The late Mark Shields declared Mornington Peninsula ‘the crucible of Pinot Gris’. Dr Max Loder extolled the virtues of Rulander (as called in his native Germany) for years at Wagga Wagga College. Kathleen thought she was his leading protégé and took on the challenge.

From the Queen of Pinot Grigio (as ordained by Halliday) to the First Lady of Friulano (that one’s on me) and, now, Legend of the Vine – we’re just wondering what title Kathleen will pick up next.

As the sunshine streams through those southern windows, this curious insect [see title image] faceplants the glass. What is this hermitic antipodean invertebrate? Queapy crawlie, if you will.

Answers on a postcard. Alternatively, contact us on Facebook, Instagram or [email protected] to win a bottle of new vintage Turbul Friulano 2015.

Wired up at Tussie Mussie
When we talk Pinot, we have to talk terroir.

Mornington Peninsula’s is the triumvirate of rich soils and cool blue-grey sky that create & conserve gentle Pinots’ preciously low natural acid.

Our vineyards farm without irrigation. Limited cool sunshine and dryland farming causes this pine cone shaped bunch to ripen small berries, small bunches and encourages
concentration. Taste and compare Pinot from each of our vineyards; Musk Creek, Tussie Mussie, Campbell & Christine (their surname is Penfold) and our winery 17 Rows Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio with the pearl on the label.

Stop Press!
The wine menus at The Fat Duck in Bray, UK, and Dinner by Heston in Melbourne both list Turbul Friulano. Following his successful Melbourne sojourn we’re delighted Mr Blumenthal has chosen the Turbul to be 1 of 8 Aussie wines on offer back in Blighty.

Friulano shaped by pruning and primping, pinching and pushing the fat fruits into the sun’s gaze to bronze. Their thick waxy skin suits ‘natural’ winemaking with lengthy fermentation on skins to release aromatics.