Missing skin contact in a time of social isolation?
by Max Allen – Drinks Columnist


“Ah, the irony – the coronavirus pandemic could well lead to a boom in skin contact varietals.”

Kathleen Quealy making her skin contact wine. Photo by Adrian Lander

“If only I’d known it was going to be my last fancy restaurant wine lunch for the foreseeable future, I would’ve got drunk. Or drunker.

Can you blame me? The venue was Grossi Florentino, Melbourne temple to fine Italian dining. There was the best plate of spaghetti and big fat prawns I’ve ever eaten. Succulent plump roast duck.

Twelve glasses of gorgeous, fragrant textural wines from – as well as some inspired by – the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in north-east Italy.

And there were people! Eating and drinking together. Three big tables, everyone sitting closer than 1.5 metres apart. Even occasionally … touching. A handshake. A kissed greeting. A hug.”

– Max Allen, Drinks Columist

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