Vintage 2021 sublime

La Niña the dominating force here; giving us moments of serious pressure in the organic vineyards; but we came through remarkably unscathed.

The upside of La Niña was of course no water stress, so flowering was close to perfect. And post veraison was a beautiful run home; no crazy heat and still no significant water stress. All the fruit came in with fully ripe flavour (we had to be patient), and great balance.

Please see below our 2021 vintage of Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio.
Also rarities at our cellar door: back vintage stock of our single vineyard Pinot Noir available in limited quantities. Expect a new tranche of sparkling as soon as we can disgorge. Watch out for new look Splendido and Redmondo. Please ring us anytime to purchase over the phone.

– Regards, Kat Quealy

Rosa Rosé 2020

A rare acre of Moscato Rosa at the ultra-cool Musk Creek Vineyard yielded a rare 1.3 ton picked on the 25th March 2020.
Crushed by feet and left to macerate a day to draw the first colour and perfume from the skins before a gentle press and thence settling, racking and fermentation.
Interesting move where we kept the young wine in barrel until the end of June 2021. Time in barrel, rather than transforming this wine, has accentuated the play of a powder-soft, paradoxically dry palate.

Pinot Grigio Balnarring Sub Region 2021

Our winemaker Tom McCarthy has taken the tension of lees reduction and delicate fine fruit to a new high.
This is the first time that we have made two Grigios from the Balnarring sub-region.
We have separated the certified organic home block (Feri Maris – yet to be released), from our two great mature Balnarring sub-region vineyards Campbell & Christine + Hester that we have managed for decades.

Tussie Mussie Vineyard Pinot Gris 2021

Of our two Pinot Gris vineyards, Tussie Mussie is the softer, more youthful voluptuous style; slightly less acid perhaps because of a little more heat in the Merricks North micro-climate than the more elevated Musk Creek.

We hand harvested B-Block on 18thMarch and the higher A block (visible from Bittern-Dromana Rd) on 30thMarch. The last few vintages have been cooler, becoming later. I think 2022 will be even later.

We pack the press with whole bunches and gently squeeze to yield in the order of 650 litres per ton of aromatic creamy honey/ nectarine toned juice. Some is fermented with wild yeast; the later pick is inoculated to assure complete fermentation despite the days getting colder.

Musk Creek Vineyard Pinot Gris 2021

Wines like Musk Creek Pinot Gris beat their own path. The bunches presented as a relaxed cluster of tiny, waxy, hot pink berries at harvest on the 20th March, complete with high sugar and acid content. Youthful Musk Creek Pinot Gris smells of pink fruits, wood smoke and wild honey.

This vintage the palate is as big and round as a hogshead. The aromas persist in the palate. A remarkable giant white wine with the paradox of great finesse and poise.

Tom decided to ferment fifty percent in very beautiful aromatic hogsheads contributing to the blinding spice and hedonistic buttery creamy palate.
Here is a Pinot Gris capable of cellaring for ten plus years.

Jane Faulkner on the Mornington Peninsula

‘It’s fair to say this is the Australian landscape excelling in pinot gris and grigio. We can thank Tom McCarthy’s parents for such a route. Kathleen Quealy and Kevin McCarthy basically introduced the variety to Australian drinkers at their former winery…, and along the way, spearheaded a range of styles. Plus, Kevin later added Italian skin-contact whites and clay vessels into the winemaking equation. 

…Yes, they are almost creating a symbiotic relationship, and what’s pleasing is how there are a variety of styles depending on site and producer, from rich, fuller-bodied pinots to lighter framed, juicy options, plus tight, linear chardonnay to fleshier and more textural ones.