Dancing with La Niña

Vintage 2021

Vintage 2021 started with bud-burst in October 2020 and the omnipresent power of La Niña threatening à la 2010 – 2011. Rainfall in the order of 50% up on average for the months of October and January parlayed the drier November, December and February. My interpretation for what its worth is the grey skies of October and January delayed vintage and kept berry and bunch size small, accentuated by the cool dry moths of Nov. Dec. & Feb.

We fought the spring and summer showers heralding mildews and caterpillars with organic sprays and a canopy management technique of early and emphatic leaf plucking to maximize sunshine on the fruit zone.

Across all varieties and vineyards, grapes presented with the diabolos of high pH and acidity. Speaking to other winemakers in the region they did not experience our high pH and I attribute this to our leaf plucking; it’s not our go to technique but convinced in our vintage it was the right way to go… Amazing this textbook pair of numbers presented none of the deleterious characteristics foreshadowed. In fact, the acidity is soaring and pure. The colours of the wine are the darkest of purple, deepest navy, and all rimmed with robust red.

The white wines are straw gold and the skin-contact wines are deep gold to amber.

As delicious a vintage as 2019, however, with a small yield.

tattered canopy of a vintage bravely fought

Idyllic Wine Weekends

Pinot Palooza is a celebration of the finest Pinot makers and growers of the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland and Geelong. Delight in an intimate and relaxed afternoon of pinots paired with music and delicate dishes, Sunday 30 May at Timber Yard.

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Pull-on your woolies and wet weather shoes, Winter Wine Weekend returns Queens Birthday long weekend.
Sip, swill and savour in delight as you discover a bounty of local wineries and wines all under one roof, The Pavillions at Red Hill Showgrounds.

Tickets are available now, but they are limited in accordance with crowd density rules.

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Our beloved Rad Boys Pizza return on Sunday 13th June 11am – 4pm at Quealy Winery Cellar

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RAGEOUS 2019 – In the land of mules, there are no rules

Rageous sports the Ogden Nash prose… in the land of mules there are no rules… best read in Latin as the words become poetic.

We started Quealy Winemakers in 2006, liberated from our former lives as slaves to high-interest rates and heartless taxation when buying urgently needed equipment.

At Quealy, we wanted to handmake wine and be clever with grape selection, vineyard management, and esoteric winemaking techniques where what you tasted was what it was.

Three grape varieties unexpectantly fermented in the one vat so that their insufficiencies complement each other. Matured in barrels for two years to soften and meld. These large old voluptuous barrels invisible shape and soften the wine.

Some of these barrels kept since our first vintages of 2006 to 2010. The trick to keeping these beauties is keeping them full. Difficult when nature hands you big and small vintage volumes. It’s a lot of love and skill and belief to keep these old fellows. And our Rageous Cuvee gets better each vintage and as it ages in the bottle…. Highly recommended by me.

Outrageous field of Italian Varietals

On our organically certified vineyard we have many acres of the rare varietals Ribolla Gialla, Moscato Giallo, Malvasia Istriana and Friulano to compliment our older blocks of Pinot Grigio and Riesling. Ribolla Gialla is the holy grail for my winemaking husband Kevin McCarthy. He worked with the Chalmers family (Mildura & Heathcote) for many years to bring this variety to Australia. Difficult precision work of which I think Chalmers is 100% responsible for but in that mix, Kevin was there. Ribolla is maturing on skins and will remain thus until Kevin decides. Lucas and I tease him and call it Italian Riesling, it is its own beast – clearly noble – and possesses that orange hue that is most charming for the new wave of drinkers. Coming at the end of the year I guess.

You can taste our rare white varietals as our skin contact Pobblebonk, Friulano, Turbul Friulano & Lina Lool. These varietals excel in our cool climate and naturally fatten into generous crops that offset the low-yielding Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Working with nature. Growing and making an array of wine that secures a sustainable business.

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In the land of mules there are no rules. Rageous 2019