Announcing Lina Lool & Rosa

May 2nd 2019

Introducing Lina Lool & Rosa; perfumed skin contact wine. Their emblem longicollis a.k.a. the long neck turtle forage the meadows and waterways of our Mornington Peninsula home. The methodical and deliberate attitude of these slow-moving turtles closely aligns with our production techniques for Lina Lool and Rosa.

Our aromatic vineyards; friulano, riesling, malvasia and moscato, exude their perfume with patient skin maceration, followed by a further six months in amphora or barrel to naturally fine the wine with time.

Lina Lool

The name Lina Lool is derived from Linalool, a terpene synthesized in berries and stored in their skins. Linalool is found in the aromatic varieties Malvasia Istriana, Moscato Giallo and Riesling. It’s the maceration time on skins that releases the musky intensely floral aromatics.

The aroma is a subtle mixture of meadow flowers, honey, marzipan and a faint wisp of musk. It’s lush and cool to smell and to taste. Generously proportioned, spice notes, almost a nut texture to balance. The excellent acidity is refreshing and possible because of the cool maritime region and the selected varieties.

Whist the wine is a pale straw, the aroma and palate is a refined orange or amber wine. Possible this is because of the varieties selected, and the cool region. A food friendly wine especially suited to spices such as cardamom, turmeric and mild curry as well as the herbs thyme and laurel.

Finally the subtlety of Lina Lool is a heavenly match with a fresh cheese.


Kevin McCarthy was especially interested in developing Rosa. His winemaking style is characterised by brinkmanship, exploration and extensive knowledge. He tasted this style in Friuli in Italy. The tannins of the variety are soft and light and the process of extended skin contact provide the time necessary so that tannin polymerise or bind with other molecules such as terpene, protein and aldehyde to become large and insoluble thus slowly fall through the wine to add to the lees and be bumped out when the wine is racked.

Rosa creates an illusion in the glass. The sweet notes of ripe redcurrant, chocolate, toffee and heady musk trick the tastebuds into a sweet sensation. However, the palate is in fact sugarless, generous, with a fine tannin structure and glorious length. Drink as your favourite rosé in the cooler months.