Skin Contact and in contact with the Italians

Kevin McCarthy’s travels in Italy in the 90s to discover the very
best Pinot Grigios inspired him to plant Friulano at the winery vineyard as a first in Australia.

Tommy Turbul in the Friulano

Friulano is keenly sought after in Italy for its unique phenolic composition. Ideally suited for skin contact vinification, Friulano produces textural wines, plush and weighty with exceptional length and excellent cellaring potential based on phenolic ageing. Skin contact is a technique that unlocks the aroma and rich tannins of Friulano’s deep copper coloured fruit. Micro-oxygenation is a preferred Italian method to build the palate of white wine as opposed the Gallic penchant for French oak. Quealy uses terracotta amphora with their Friulano to facilitate micro-oxygenation. Secco Splendido, dry and wonderful, began with Kathleen’s love of Muscat, Moscato d’Asti, natural sparkling wine and the outrageous paradox of Moscato’s opulent aroma and tingling acidity.

Kathleen’s interpretation of Italian style is a collision of beauty and reality. Pobblebonk began the new wave of Australian field blends.

Co-fermentation of Pinot Grigio and Friulano begins as a brooding, reductive moody wine ignited with the blending of classic aromatic varieties; Moscato Giallo and Riesling.

The beauty is the chorus of their natural attributes – the pink fruits of Pinot Grigio, the sullen strength of Friulano contrasting with the tingling acidity and opulent aromatics of Moscato and Riesling. Pobblebonk is also our local frog, whose mating chorus can be heard in spring as a bonk, bonk, bonk Pobblebonk. Rageous is the Mornington Peninsula’s only Sangiovese x Shiraz x Pinot Noir blend. It’s a beautiful chocolate truffle, black olive, cherry ripe aromatic with great structure and cellaring potential. Kathleen adapted the Italian Super Tuscan blend to suit Mornington Peninsula’s reality of subtle Pinot Noir embraced in a
tannic matrix of astringent Sangiovese and bullish Shiraz.

Friulano is a key varietal in Skin Contact wine