Cellar Door

Our bona fide Cellar Door takes you to the heart of the winery, amidst barrels and terracotta amphora. Louise, our Friday to Sunday chatelaine, enriches the tasting experience with her decorative edibles, from the garden and our region.

Quealy have the widest range of Mornington Peninsula wine. And the biggest glasses.

We taste our individual vineyard expressions of regional heroes
Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, sourced from some of the oldest and finest sites. Quealy’s experience of Italian winemaking tradition has inspired Secco Splendido, Pobblebonk,
Pinot Grigio and little-grown Friulano variety.

Our visual identity shaped by a 30-year relationship with Cato Brand Partners.

Keep an eye out for Ninj, resident cellar paw, living it large
in the cool confines. Satisfy curiosities in discussion with
a knowledgeable, loquacious host — be it skin-contact
winemaking, soil nutrition or the latest Bulldogs game.

Awarded Gourmet Traveller — Star Cellar Door
Mornington Peninsula 2016